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Gateway's new BSB


From 8 July 2014, any payments made using our old BSB will no longer be processed. 

This means that if you haven't updated your BSB details to 676-000 by 8 July 2014, you might find that you are missing payments made to your account (like salary payments for example), or your direct debits haven't been paid. 

To find out what to do if your payments haven't been processed, and which transactions may be affected, read the 'Notifying Suppliers' section below, and our FAQs.

Notifying Suppliers 

To ensure a smooth transition over to our new BSB number, we have provided direct credit and direct debit advice letter templates that you can use to help you notify your supplier of the change. Simply fill these out and return to your supplier. 

Alternatively, many companies have online portals where you can login to update your payment details. 

Here are the forms you can use to notify suppliers: 

These are simple, downloadable forms that can be completed online and printed at your convenience. You can provide the completed forms to your direct debit/credit supplier so that they can update their records with our new BSB details.

Refer to our FAQs for tips on identifying transactions that will need updating. 

Please note:
We've negotiated with some major direct credit and debit suppliers to change our BSB details so you won't need to contact them. You'll find a list of suppliers who have made the change below:  

  • CGU
  • NIB
  • AHM
  • Woolworths Ltd
  • Officers Superannuation Fund
  • Note Printing Australia
  • CBHS Friendly Society
  • Insurance Australia Group
  • Reserve Bank of Australia Payroll 
  • Computershare Limited
  • Link Market Services 
You will still need to contact suppliers who aren't on the list above.  


If you’re stuck or have any questions about our BSB change, call us on 1300 302 474, email  or visit our Market Street, Sydney, branch. 


How do you identify direct debits or credits that need to be changed? 

You can access your transaction history online, or by referring to your Member statements if you still receive them by post. 

To access your transaction history online, log in to Online Banking. Under ‘Accounts’, you can download transactions for the last 30, 60 or 90 days. Or, if you're registered for eStatements, you can view complete statements previously issued.

Remember to look at transactions that may be less frequent such as quarterly rate payments.

Do you have credits from other financial institutions coming into your Gateway account? Perhaps friends or family members transfer funds from their financial institutions to your account?

 If that’s the case, you’ll need to ask them to log in to their financial institution’s Online Banking service and update the BSB number they have saved under your account information as a payee.

What payments do I need to update? 
  • Any payments that are coming in to Gateway from other institutions will be affected by this change.
  • This includes deposits - e.g. payroll, share dividends, super and other pensions, Centrelink payments etc where funds are coming into your Gateway account
  • This also includes payments e.g. insurance, electricity, water, where you have authorised your supplier to debit your Gateway account

Some common payment types and part of the transaction description that appears on your Gateway statement are listed below:

Payment Type Description Change Reason
Loan Repayment   Schedule Payment               No        Initiated by Gateway     
Loan Repayment       Direct Credit       Yes  Initiated from another Institution      
Deposit  Direct Credit  Yes  Initiated from another Institution 
Deposit  Internet Transfer  Yes  Initiated from another Institution 
Supplier Payment i.e. Insurance Premium  Direct Debit  Yes  Initiated from another Institution        
Transfer to Gateway account  Recurring Transfer   No  Initiated by Gateway 


How long do I have to make the change?

You have until 8 July 2014 to make the change to ensure your payments continue to be processed.

If you don't make any changes to existing arrangements, payments directed through the old BSB will not be processed after that date. We encourage you to advise your direct debit/credit suppliers of the change ASAP. 

Do I need to use this new BSB for new direct debits and credits?

Yes, the new BSB 676-000 should be used for all direct debits and credits.   

 Do I need to advise all my direct credit and debit suppliers myself?

You will need to notify suppliers who don't appear on the list below: 

  • CGU 
  • NIB 
  • AHM
  • Woolworths Ltd
  • Officers Superannuation Fund
  • Note Printing Australia
  • CBHS Friendly Society
  • Insurance Australia Group
  • Reserve Bank of Australia Payroll 
  • Computershare Limited
  • Link Market Services 

 Use the forms found under 'Notifying Suppliers' at the top of this page. 

I tried to update my BSB and was advised that the new BSB number was invalid. What should I do?

 All organisations should now be recognising our new BSB, as it's been active for over 12 months. Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties and we will contact these organisations. 

What is a BSB number?
A BSB number is a unique number which identifies both the financial institution and the point of representation of a particular account in Australia. BSB stands for, and identifies, the ‘Bank State Branch’ and is always used in electronic banking for payment transfers. 


Why is the number changing?

Gateway's old BSB number was allocated to us by our previous payments supplier Cuscal Limited. The new BSB number is now fully owned by Gateway which means we will never have to change it again. This will provide us with greater flexibility to introduce new, innovative and cost effective products and services to Members. 

 Is my Member number changing?

 No. All your other account details will remain unchanged.  

 Will my BPay payments be affected? 
No, these changes do not impact previous or new arrangements for BPay.  


Will there be any transaction or administration fees or charges for using the new BSB number?
No. There are no planned changes to administration or transaction fees.  
Will I need a new Visa Debit Card?
No, your Gateway Visa Debit Card isn’t linked to the new BSB number so you can continue to use your current card.  
Can I still make deposits and cash my cheques through CBA and Bank@Post?
Yes, the same arrangements still apply. There is no change to our current arrangements for depositing and cashing cheques at CBA or via Bank@Post.

Will I need a new CBA Deposit book?
If you already have an encoded CBA Deposit book this will not need to be replaced.

Will my credits to, and debits from, my Gateway account arrive at the same time as before? 
The new payment exchange under ASL operates with different timings to the previous exchange – meaning that credits (including salary credits and Centrelink payments) and debits (including payments to other banks) might be processed at a different  time of day than before.  If you have any concerns about this, please phone Gateway on 1300 302 474.  

Remember - If you’re stuck or have any questions about our BSB change, call us on 1300 302 474, email  or visit our Market Street, Sydney, branch. 

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