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Bon voyage 2015

Regular readers know that my wife and I take a break each August. We normally head north (as in the northern hemisphere), but this year we are really venturing north. We won’t quite reach the Arctic Circle, but we’ll get pretty close. We are off to Iceland - or to be more precise, Reykjavik - the world’s most northerly capital.

Bev hates the cold but I’ve told her it will be summer in Iceland so she can look forward to balmy 14 degree days. The other good news for Bev is that she will be able to start her acclimatisation to the cold a few days earlier when we are in Glasgow. Bev, of course, was thrilled when I told her that Scotland is not quite as cold as Iceland! 

For those of you who think I am cruel in taking my sun-loving wife on an Arctic holiday, I do have a good explanation. The main purpose of our trip is to visit our daughter and son-in-law who live in London. Following our annual family reunion (with a new grandchild thrown in this year!) we will then venture further north to Scotland and Iceland. 

To make up to Bev for putting up with the cold, we will have a stopover in Dubai on our way back to Sydney. This will enable Bev to thaw out in the stifling heat of the Middle East. We have been to Dubai before in summer and Bev, unlike me, copes well with the 45 plus degree days. 

While I am away, life will go on at Gateway including this blog. Again, regular readers will know that I normally arrange for four individuals to be guest bloggers in my absence. However, on this occasion, I am only taking three weeks leave in lieu of four and therefore only need three guest bloggers. 

Given that I have three executive colleagues, it occurred to me that this year I did not need to search outside of Gateway to find guest bloggers. So, I’ve invited (read instructed!) my colleagues to stand in for me. Each will provide an insightful opinion piece relevant to Gateway members. Here’s the batting order.

Lexi Airey will lead the charge and her blog post will be published on Tuesday, 4 August. As Gateway’s Chief Customer Officer, Lexi is responsible for customer service, customer acquisition, customer retention and customer advocacy. She acts as an internal change agent and drives the organisation to work together for an optimum customer experience. She oversees all facets of marketing as successful marketing strategies start and end with the customer.  alexis airey

Following Lexi will be Gary English and you can read his post from Monday, 10 August. As Gateway’s Chief Risk Officer, Gary plays a pivotal role in identifying, analysing and mitigating internal and external risks that could threaten the business. He spearheads activities that embed risk into Gateway’s DNA in a way that creates value and competitive advantage. He ensures the organisation’s risk culture is neither a handbrake on sensible growth opportunities nor allows cavalier activities to be undertaken.  gary english image


Last to step up to the plate will be Peter Gilmore and he will share his thoughts with us in a post to be published on Monday, 17 August. As Gateway’s Chief Financial Officer, Peter runs the critical back office functions that underpin the front office operations. He automates and streamlines processes in order to provide high-quality internal customer service and support. By building and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement, he drives operational efficiency to achieve both consistency and compliance.   peter gilmore photo

I have told Lexi, Gary and Peter that as guest bloggers they can offer ideas, analysis or opinions on any topic of their choosing. I am confident that each will provide a conversational yet authoritative voice to the blog. Let’s see how easy they find blogging! 

Failing any delays or mishaps, I’ll be back on Monday, 24 August. Bon voyage


Paul J. Thomas, CEO

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