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Bon voyage 2014

We are creatures of habit. We settle into patterns of behaviour and create routines around those behaviours. We find comfort in predictability. The fabric of life here at Gateway includes my weekly blog.

Every Monday by 10am (Sydney time), my blog is updated with a new post for your reading pleasure. Well, from next Monday there will be a slightly different routine. The Doubting Thomas blog will be updated weekly but not by me - I’m off on annual leave at the end of this week.

Regular readers would know that my wife and I take a break each August. This year our holiday will take us to Brussels, Paris and London. We are travelling to Europe via Tokyo and returning to Sydney via Dubai. One of my daughters and her husband live in London, so our sojourn will also double as our annual family catch up. 

While I’m enjoying the northern summer, life will go on as normal at Gateway including this blog. To this end, I’ve invited four financial services experts to act as guest bloggers during my absence. Each will provide an insightful opinion piece relevant to Gateway members. Here’s the batting order.

Phil Hardy will lead the charge and his blog post will be published on Tuesday, 5 August. Phil is a partner with accounting firm, Deloitte. He is the national leader of Deloitte’s Financial Services Assurance and Advisory practice and has been working with customer-owned banking entities since he joined the Deloitte partnership seven years ago. He is an experienced auditor, advisor on strategy and risk management and a keen innovator within the professional services market. Phil is a strategic adviser to Gateway. Phil Hardy

Following Phil will be Andrew Harmer and you can read his post from Monday, 11 August. Andrew is a partner with accounting firm, Ernst & Young. He has over 25 years experience in advising financial institutions in Australia and he has been an advisor to some of Australia’s leading financial institutions. He established and led the firm’s Financial Services Risk & Regulatory Practice in Australia and is a member of the firm’s global regulatory strategy group. Andrew is Gateway’s external auditor. 
 Andrew Harmer

Next to step up to the plate will be Margaret Smylie and she will share her thoughts with us in a post to be published on Monday, 18 August. Margaret is a partner with accounting firm, KPMG. She has over 25 years experience working across a wide range of industries. She has led large and multi-disciplinary teams for clients across multiple sites in local and national markets and has been responsible for overseeing the coordination of internal audit teams and subject matter experts. Margaret is Gateway’s internal auditor.
 Margaret Smylie

Finally, Anthony James has kindly agreed to be our final blogger and we will publish his post on Monday, 25 August. Anthony is a partner with accounting firm, PwC. He is a management consultant and partner in the Financial Services practice at PwC. He works with financial services organisations of all kinds to develop innovative solutions to their most complex issues. Prior to joining PwC, Anthony was Co-Head of Private Wealth Management at Goldman Sachs JBWere and has also practiced as a financial services lawyer.
 Anthony James

I have told Phil, Andrew, Margaret and Anthony that as guest bloggers they can offer ideas, analysis or opinions on any topic of their choosing. I am confident that, as thought leaders, each will provide a conversational yet authoritative voice to the blog. I hope you enjoy the battle of the “Big Four” accounting firms.

Failing any delays or mishaps, I’ll be back on Monday, 1 September. So, au revoir for now, Mesdames et Messieurs. Bon voyage! 

Paul J. Thomas


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